Polar Express Project – Story Map

Polar Express Story Map

Objective: analyze the structure and elements of a story by noting the setting, characters, problem, events and resolution.

Materials: Train pattern of engine-with the words title and author with blanks for student to fill in. 4 Box car patterns with the words setting, characters, problem, and resolution- one word on each car with space for the student to fill in the information.

-Large 12\” x 18\” black construction paper.
-Green construction paper
-Small pine tree pattern
-Crayons, scissors and glue


After watching “The Polar Express , read by Lou Diamond Phillips” video , analyze and write down the story elements of characters , setting , problem and resolution .

Each student will need to fill in the information for each train car: setting, character, problem, and resolution. The engine has the author and title. Next, they color and cut out the train cars. The student will color a mountain on the large piece of black construction paper. (Using the white crayons) Tracks can also be drawn going up and down the mountain. Then the student will glue their prepared train onto the paper. The engine with title and author and then the box cars with setting, characters, problem and solution. Finally the students can use the pine tree patterns and glue them around the page to finish their work.



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